This facial result after one treatment of Dermablading. It exfoliate the skin to reveal the fresh layers beneath and triggers the cell regeneration process. The result is healthier and brighter skin that looks and feels soft and smooth.
It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and assist in skin care penetrating deeper into the skin leaving it hydrated and healthier. The procedure takes about an hour cost $130
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Lifting facial

This facial is designed to non-surgecally lift the skin and the muscles on the face by using RF/ ultrasonic technique. We use a holistic method to perform the facial and educate our client about true ...

Eyebrow feathering tattoo

Eyebrow feathering is a semipermanent cosmetic tattoo that looks very natural and elegant. Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes. Good eyebrows shape is very important to highlight the beauty of the eyes...

Eyelash extension

Eyelash extension is most popular gorgeous look for eyelashes. Get the full look and long lasting lashes. We use a variety of lengths and thickness to achieve the best look for everyone's desire.

Skin needling

Skin needling and collagen induction is most rejuvenating treatment for the skin. It stimulates collagens and corrects cells formation which helps the skin’s appearance and health from deeper layers. Suitable for all skin types specially scars, wrinkles and damaged skin. This treatment can be performed anywhere in the body.

Microdermabrasion facial

Microdermabrasion facial great for deep cleansing pores and stimulates cells production. Using micro Chrystal to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the dead cells, leaving the skin glowing and fresh.

Restoring Facial

Restoring facial is most relaxing and rejuvenating to the skin. Great for tired skin, sun damage, ageing and neglected skin. It restore the healthy appearance back and rejuvenate cells. Using our botanical products customised to each skin type will make you love the experience and the result.

Eyebrow waxing

Eyebrows are the frame for the eyes. Get the right shape for your face by professional artistic beautician.